Since my first official DJ gig in 1987, I have had the great pleasure to play records for people from Mexico City to Moscow. Few things can match the euphoria of hitting that perfect beat (match) to a packed floor. Thirty years later, it still invigorates and energizes me.

While I have had many memorable gigs over the years, none can quite match the intensity of spinning Agra Halle at Wave Gotik Treffen 2002. A figurative airplane hanger full of Germans stomping their boots to mixes of Suicide Commando and E-Craft in the company of Daniel Myer of Haujobb and DJ Steve Weeks of London’s world-renown Slimelight. Amazing times.

So, rather than try to remember the names of all the clubs I’ve spun, here’s one performance you can watch for yourself. Alles gute, Deutschland.