Rexx Mixes It Up for I Die: You Die


From the I Die: You Die site:

“For this month’s So Fragile mixtape, we tapped one of the most knowledgeable and deeply rooted scene DJs we know, Rexx Arkana. You may know him as the singer from FGFC820, the driving force behind millennial supergroup Bruderschaft or from his new project with Eric Eldredge, Coldkill (whose debut album Distance by Design we recently reviewed), but before any of that he was DJing in alternative clubs across the globe. On this installment of So Fragile, Rexx brings his deep knowledge of new wave, ebm and synthpop, with a sprinkling of alternative classics to round things out.

Stream the mix below, and check out Rexx on stage with FGFC820 this year, culminating with a show at DB21 in Los Angeles this October!

Camouflage, “That Smiling Face”
Savage, “Only You”
Flexx, “Love Theme from Flexxy-Ball (You’ll Never Change No More)”
Sign System, “Stay With Me”
The Thompson Twins, “The Gap (Rexxtended Mix by Rexx Arkana)”
A Split Second, “Muscle Machine”
The Hunger, “Shoot to Kill”
Boys from Brazil, “We Don’t Need No WW III (Razormaid Mix)”
Dirty Harry, “D Bop (Razormaid Mix)”
Gary Clail & On-U Sound System, “Human Nature”
The Swains, “Don’t Call Us”
Consolidated (ft. The Yeastie Girlz), “You Suck”
Stereo MCs, “Connected”

I Die: You Die Digs Into Distance

Leading electronic music webzine I Die: You Diecoldkill_dxd_cover  has taken on “Distance by Design”, the debut full length from Arkana’s latest collaboration Coldkill, in this extensive album review.

“(Distance by Design) has more than enough flourishes from other retro-minded synth stylings as well as its members’ other projects to latch onto listeners who aren’t already immersed in the genre.”

“Indeed, no good melody goes to waste here, with the choruses of numerous tracks presaged in the attendant introductions and verses… That sort of pop songcraft abounds here, speaking to the project’s excellent grasp of what made the classic records that inspired them so memorable in the first place.”

Visit I Die: You Die for the complete review, then pick up your own copy of “Distance by Design”, available now in digital or limited vinyl editions from your favorite music retailer or directly from COP International.

Coldkill: “Distance By Design” Debuts


Nearly two years in the making, out today is “Distance by Design”, the full length debut from Rexx Arkana’s latest offering, Coldkill. Collaborating with friend and fellow New Yorker Eric Eldredge of futurepop outfit Interface, the project pays homage to the melodic melancholia of the minimal wave of the artists’ teen years growing up in the 80s.

Cited by Arkana as “without doubt…the most intensely personal – and difficult – material I’ve ever written,” “DxD” reaches the darkest corners of a defeated spirit. As the band suggests, it’s “a litany of love songs for the love lost.” The album and its singles have already earned impressive accolades from scene historians Alex Reed (“Assimilate”) and Andi Harriman (“Some Wore Leather…”) and a rave review from Adam at

Available now in digital or limited vinyl editions from your favorite music retailer or directly from COP International.


Get Rocky Mountain High with DJ Rexx Arkana


Since I had so much time recording the Francisco set (available to stream on Mixcloud and to download on Bandcamp), and because I can’t seem to stop buying vinyl, I’m pleased to present my newest mix, Denver.

Like its predecessor, this latest mix is inspired by a recent trip to the Mile High City and includes selections from vinyl buys at both Twist & Shout and the legendary original Wax Trax! Records location.


Denver runs the gamut from 80s obscurities to freestyle to contemporary synth and pop, featuring both archival acts like Annie Anner and Atelier Folie and new scene stars such as Hurts and Empathy Test.

off: step by step
annie anner: night in the city
hurts: better than love
atelier folie: leave me alone
synthgo: let me hear your heartbeat
cause & effect: you think you know her
breakfast club: right on track
real life: god tonight
red flag: give me your hand
i start counting: lose him
timmy t: what will i do
jaydee: plastic dreams
empathy test: here is the place (thomas datt remix)

It’s an hour+ of audio ecstasy for your ears, courtesy of Haus Arkana and your DJ Rexx. Enjoy.



Take Me Home With You

Several people have inquired about downloadable versions of my DJ mixes recently, so I’ve created a Bandcamp page specifically for this purpose. Now you’re not limited to streaming the best synth mixes, but can actually take me home with you. Or to the gym. Or on a walk. I like walks.

Find me at: and throw down a couple dollars so I can keep buying and bringing you new (old) music. And thanks to everyone for the continued support.