INDUSTRIAL PURPOSE 01: Honoring The Legacy Of Wax Trax! Records

Friday 04.26 Haus Arkana proudly presents INDUSTRIAL PURPOSE 01, a private occasion honoring the legacy of Wax Trax! Records.

The event will feature DJ sets from original WT! label DJs JIM MARCUS (DIE WARZAU/GoFight) and REXX ARKANA. Joining them on the decks will be DEFCON head DJ STALAGMIKE.

Haus Arkana will also be releasing a limited edition cassette single designed by Arkana and Marcus to commemorate the event. In homage to the band’s recent Record Store Day concerts, the release features exclusive cover versions of WT! era MINISTRY classics performed by COLDKILL and INTERFACE featuring Jim Marcus.

The tracks will also be available in digital format on the Coldkill Bandcamp page as a name-your-price download.

At dusk, Haus Arkana will offer a private rooftop screening of Industrial Accident: The Wax Trax! Records Story. One lucky attendee will win a DVD copy of the film courtesy of STATIK INDUSTRIAL TV, while still others will win original 12″ label promos from Rexx’s own personal collection.

It’s a proper tribute to a label that defined a scene, brought to you by artists who were there to experience it. Purposefully industrial, Haus Arkana style.

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