We’re Number One!

CMJ RPM Chart, Aug 11, 1997

IN THE OLD DAYS of the 1990s, I was once a prominent independent college radio promoter; the first to specialize in industrial, and experimental electronic music.

Through my promo work with Club Hate Productions, Radical Records and RazorBurn, I had the opportunity to work with many amazing labels and artists in those years, some of whom were and remain very big names in the business (NIN, Gary Numan, Skinny Puppy, etc.)

But it was the surprising sophomore effort from a much lesser known band out of Vancouver who yielded my first #1 record, Unit:187‘s “Loaded”, for old friend Don Blanchard‘s San Fran start up 21st Circuitry Records. (College Music Journal RPM Chart, August 11th, 1997)

This particular week’s chart is extra special, because it includes three other records I was working to radio at the time: #16 Full Frequency, #18 Sister Machine Gun (“going for adds”) and #24 Funker Vogt.

Here’s to college radio and the countless specialty DJs who I had the great fortune to work with over the years.

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