24.2 International EBM Day 2020

242 Day 2020 finalHaus Arkana celebrates INTERNATIONAL EBM DAY 2020 with the latest from the decks of DJ Rexx Arkana. This exclusive edit brings the old and new schools together, as a classic floor filler from forefathers FRONT 242 meets the crunch and clang of Sheffield’s Randolph & Mortimer.

242 tour




See FRONT 242 LIVE on the Black to Square One USA Tour 2020! For concert dates and ticket info, please visit: http://www.front242.com

You can also hear more bangin’ tracks from Randolph & Mortimer at their Bandcamp site.

Track mastered by Kolja Trelle. An exclusive video from Haus Arkana and Psyklon Industries (https://www.facebook.com/Psyklon.Industries) also available on YouTube.

Follow DJ Rexx Arkana on Soundcloud and Mixcloud for more mixes and exclusive tracks: https://soundcloud.com/rexxarkana https://www.mixcloud.com/rexx-arkana/

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