The Music of Drums: Rexx Remixes Nitzer Ebb for their Sold Out NYC Show

nitzer rexxIn advance of their sold out New York show on May 10th, Rexx Arkana has dusted off his favorite Nitzer Ebb track and given it a modern reworking fit for the club floor.

“Hearts & Minds (Rexxtended Mix)” fixates on the rhythmic percussive groove of the original and singer Douglas McCarthy‘s characteristic vocal chanting.  It also heavily incorporates elements of Mute Records label head Daniel Miller‘s incomparable “Mix Hypersonic”, originally released on 12″ in 1988.

Whether you’re an OG rivet head with a catalog of NitzerEbbProdukt in your collection, or just beginning to discover the powerful, percussive sounds of this seminal UK act, Haus Arkana invites you to meld in the music mix of DJ Rexx Arkana. Follow Rexx on Mixcloud for the best in industrial and dark electronic music.

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