clubhate_cropFor a guy who grew up before computers were an actual thing, technology isn’t one of my self-ascribed strengths, I’m afraid. As such, my online presence has typically been limited to standard social media sites. Unfortunately, nothing’s ever been centralized…and the musical journalism I’ve done over the years doesn’t fit neatly into any of those sources. So, after much debate and a little impulsiveness born out of frustration, I welcome you here. I hope you enjoy your stay.

A little trivia: CLUB HATE was the name of my first production company, under the banner of which i referenced my DJ gigs, promotional work with both clubs and college radio and even a short-lived, award-winning local origination television program called “Back Alley.” In the late nineties, after a stint as a electronic music specialist and college radio promoter with Soho NYC based punk label Radical Records, I founded the marketing/promotions firm RazorBurn (under which the original Bruderschaft EP was released in the Americas). Of all my historical treasures, this sole remaining CLUB HATE flyer is one of my most valued.

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