Happy Tension 24/2

To celebrate International EBM Day, I wanted a nod to the old school that would be unique and unexpected. Well, I’m not sure I could get much more left-field than remixing a demo track from SoCal heads BOL, not without employing actual barnyard animals.

Perhaps no one was more surprised than band co-founder Rob Robinson, who has lived a lower profile than his peers and former band mates Steven Seibold (Hate Dept.) and Roger Jarvis (Kevorkian Death Cycle). For Robinson, the remix hit a sweet spot.

“Thank you for bringing back some great memories,” he says. “I was talking to Steven (Seibold) about your mix…how it was the demo version. He and I were just becoming friends at that time.”

“Today, he and I are still friends and work together on various projects. I write film scores and play live shows with my wife, who has her own project Damsel In The Dollhouse.”

Music lives on for Robinson, who – like most of those who lived it – has some great and some terrible memories of growing up in early nineties rivet head culture.

“BOL was basically my first band,” he explains. “Basham (lead vocal/songwriter) and I were friends in high school. We started out writing pop music, then became more and more pissed off so started writing industrial music.”

“Around 1994, Gonzo! Records signed us on to release a CD and Seibold recorded it. By that time Seibold and I were friends and I was playing in both HD and KDC. Those were exciting, active and hopeful years for music.”

Some would argue they were the best of times, but that’s an argument for another day. The scene always seems to be just a couple of Owen Wilson memes away from degenerating into another Side-Line session. Not today. Today…this 24/2…we demand better.

We demand BOL.

Happy EBM Day from the Arkana Arkives.

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