I’ve dusted off another closet classic for the Rexx-tended remix treatment, this time in exclusive partnership with my fellow 80s admirers over at leading scene retro ‘zine Systems of Romance. SoR founder Frankie Teardrop and I are both fans of German band and 80sObscuR-833929-1222364966rities favorite U-BahnX and thought the world could use a club refit of “Kiss of Death” – the B-side to their 1985 single, “Young Hearts of Europe” – but with the band long gone, knew they weren’t going to do it themselves.

I can’t think of a more appropriate venue to debut it than Systems, a lovingly-curated testament to all things minimal wave. Founded in mid-2007, the site is dedicated to showcasing material long since out of print, but whose appeal has outlasted the existence of its creators.

Visit the site and listen for yourself at http://www.systemsofromance.com or by clicking here. Or stream the remix directly from my Soundcloud below. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

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