I Die: You Die Digs Into Distance

Leading electronic music webzine I Die: You Diecoldkill_dxd_cover  has taken on “Distance by Design”, the debut full length from Arkana’s latest collaboration Coldkill, in this extensive album review.

“(Distance by Design) has more than enough flourishes from other retro-minded synth stylings as well as its members’ other projects to latch onto listeners who aren’t already immersed in the genre.”

“Indeed, no good melody goes to waste here, with the choruses of numerous tracks presaged in the attendant introductions and verses… That sort of pop songcraft abounds here, speaking to the project’s excellent grasp of what made the classic records that inspired them so memorable in the first place.”

Visit I Die: You Die for the complete review, then pick up your own copy of “Distance by Design”, available now in digital or limited vinyl editions from your favorite music retailer or directly from COP International.

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