New Modern Mix Nods to the Old School

Club Hate 2017 Cover

Boys Noize: Overthrow
ESA: Bad Blood Will Out
Street Fever: Run
Tannhauser Gate: Obsession
Phase Fatale: Spoken Ashes
Statiqbloom: Phantom Eye
Silent Servant: Self Hypnosis

Arian 1: It’s My Soul
Boy Harsher: Motion
Caustic: Drugs Kill (Coldkill Mix)
HFF: Provoke The Wound
Inva//id: Forgotten
The Invincible Spirit: Nein
HAEX: Bloodtoll

IN THE LATE 80s and early 90s, mixed tapes (and, eventually, their CD replacements) were like miniature audio museums for avid music fans like me. Each deliberate homemade dub a carefully curated compilation reflecting the tastes and moods of its maker.

I think I must have made mixed tapes for nearly every girl I had any interest in, the level of interest easily betrayed by how deep the catalog tracks ran on her tape. As a DJ, mixed tapes afforded me the means to rebroadcast the signal “off air” or outside of the club. It also gave me a chance to experiment with soundscapes and architecture and the money I made selling mixes typically went to feed my vinyl addiction, which begat more mixes, ad infinitum.

Many of the things for which I am nostalgic from that era belong to the past, but the appeal of the mix tape – or what we’ve now taken to referring to the non-media specific term “playlists” – endures. As does my urge to play music for people.

And so I present to you CLUB HATE, a modern mix of contemporary industrial and electronic artists, bearing the namesake of my original DJ/events production company through which I released so many former mixes, so many years ago.

I have enabled the track here and on Mixcloud for playback. If you would like to request a link to a downloadable MP3 file or for those who may wish to financially enable my vinyl addiction via PayPal donations,  do so at: . As always, thanks to those who listen, share and re-post.

Club Hate 2017 Complete Art

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