Francisco: The Latest Live Mix From DJ Rexx Arkana



San Francisco has always been a place where I imagined I could live, if I ever left the East Coast. It’s a naturally beautiful city – albeit an expensive one – attractive both for being California and for not being Los Angeles.

I’ve had the great pleasure to visit the Bay twice in the last six months. Each time I’ve left my heart – and a few dollars – behind, scoring some serious vinyl gems while record shopping from the famous Amoeba in Haight-Ashbury to pop ups down in the Mission District.

I play a few of them in this latest mix, Francisco, inspired by the city. Maybe you’ll fall in love, too.

he said: could you (too)
vore aurora: null plus void (defenses down remix by coldkill)
moev: crucify me
u-bahnx: kiss of death
single gun theory: exorcise this wasteland
private sector: don’t take your grace away
front line assembly: right hand of heaven
vicious pink: fetish
the twins: time will tell
desireless: john
c.c.p.: hard work
until december: mercenary

Riding the U-BahnX Express with Scene Zine Systems of Romance

I’ve dusted off another closet classic for the Rexx-tended remix treatment, this time in exclusive partnership with my fellow 80s admirers over at leading scene retro ‘zine Systems of Romance. SoR founder Frankie Teardrop and I are both fans of German band and 80sObscuR-833929-1222364966rities favorite U-BahnX and thought the world could use a club refit of “Kiss of Death” – the B-side to their 1985 single, “Young Hearts of Europe” – but with the band long gone, knew they weren’t going to do it themselves.

I can’t think of a more appropriate venue to debut it than Systems, a lovingly-curated testament to all things minimal wave. Founded in mid-2007, the site is dedicated to showcasing material long since out of print, but whose appeal has outlasted the existence of its creators.

Visit the site and listen for yourself at or by clicking here. Or stream the remix directly from my Soundcloud below. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

DJ Rexx Arkana: Live from Brooklyn


Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated  International EBM Day with us at ARKHAM on Friday night at Don Pedro. It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to spin some classic synth and 80s tracks alongside resident DJs Cyclonus and Jose. By request, I’ve posted the playlist below. You can also stream the mix in its entirety over at my Mixcloud at: Remember, click to follow me here on WordPress and Mixcloud for immediate access to exclusives from the Arkana Arkives.

syntec: the blind love, the blind
coldkill: watching trees
covenant: go film
psyche: unveiling the secret
depeche mode: get the balance right
severed heads: all saints day
peter schilling: the different story
shades of grey: worlds apart
clan of xymox: stranger
parade ground: gold rush
front 242: commando remix

Happy Tension 24/2

To celebrate International EBM Day, I wanted a nod to the old school that would be unique and unexpected. Well, I’m not sure I could get much more left-field than remixing a demo track from SoCal heads BOL, not without employing actual barnyard animals.

Perhaps no one was more surprised than band co-founder Rob Robinson, who has lived a lower profile than his peers and former band mates Steven Seibold (Hate Dept.) and Roger Jarvis (Kevorkian Death Cycle). For Robinson, the remix hit a sweet spot.

“Thank you for bringing back some great memories,” he says. “I was talking to Steven (Seibold) about your mix…how it was the demo version. He and I were just becoming friends at that time.”

“Today, he and I are still friends and work together on various projects. I write film scores and play live shows with my wife, who has her own project Damsel In The Dollhouse.”

Music lives on for Robinson, who – like most of those who lived it – has some great and some terrible memories of growing up in early nineties rivet head culture.

“BOL was basically my first band,” he explains. “Basham (lead vocal/songwriter) and I were friends in high school. We started out writing pop music, then became more and more pissed off so started writing industrial music.”

“Around 1994, Gonzo! Records signed us on to release a CD and Seibold recorded it. By that time Seibold and I were friends and I was playing in both HD and KDC. Those were exciting, active and hopeful years for music.”

Some would argue they were the best of times, but that’s an argument for another day. The scene always seems to be just a couple of Owen Wilson memes away from degenerating into another Side-Line session. Not today. Today…this 24/2…we demand better.

We demand BOL.

Happy EBM Day from the Arkana Arkives.

More Exclusive Excerpts from Empathy Test


Here’s another Arkana Arkives exclusive from Rexx’s recent interview with Isaac Howlett of emotive English act Empathy Test. Click below to listen to Isaac discuss society’s “80s bubble”, only available here at

Interested readers will find the interview in its entirety over on the boards at I Die: You Die, or by clicking here.


Arkana in Arkham

On Friday, February 24th, DJ Rexx Arkana will return to the decks at the Brooklyn-based Arkham party at Don Pedro (90 Manhattan Avenue, betwefb_img_1486478360911en Mckibbin and Boerum).

ARKHAM started as a one night event at in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in August of 2008 before moving to Williamsburg in 2010. It has been held in it’s current  location since the summer of 2012 and will finish out a tenured run within the next several months, as Don Pedro recently announced it will close it doors in May.

Arkham is the home of resident DJs Cyclonus and Jose, with each month featuring a different guest from the NYC area goth scene. The typical sonic milieu of the party runs the gamut from goth/industrial to darkwave and deathrock. In addition to the music, ARKHAM focuses on “creating a Lovecraftian atmosphere, and our projector and TV screens feature horror and science-fiction movies and shows from all eras, with a focus on less mainstream productions.”

For this appearance, Arkana will showcase songs outside of his standard style, highlighting 80 artists and acts from minimal wave to new wave. Exact set time is TBD.

Read a review of ARKHAM from one of our most devoted fans at:

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(Station ID: Daniel Myer of Haujobb promotes TWITCH)

TWITCH Radio was my first serious attempt at webcasting, via an hour-long radio show that was simulcast by the terrific team behind Tampa’s Communion After Dark  ( The name is a direct reference to my all-time favorite Ministry album, tracks from which were often featured heavily.

At the time, it had been several years since I’d been on air regularly, so TWITCH presented an opportunity for dialogue and discussion (occasionally about emo/screamo bands with my then teenage daughter, Emmilee) and, simply, to talk about records I liked.

I also loved having the opportunity to mix in catalog or other artists/tracks that I frequently listened to at home or remote, but often couldn’t play out. A classic example is this random “megamix” of Virtual Descent, Elegant Machinery and Destroid that I happened to uncover in my inbox a couple of weeks ago. Too synthpop for what I was doing in the clubs in the day, but perfect for getting your TWITCH on.

About that tag line…

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